Changing the world means changing how we work

Pngme team

Who are we?

We are a team of curious, creative, high-performing individuals dedicated to improving the world

Everyone deserves equal access to finance and we are proud that our platform provides banks, fintechs, and credit bureaus with the tools they need to meaningfully connect with un/underserved people. Join us on our mission to enable greater financial inclusion globally

Meet the team

We are remote by design and place high importance on communication, collaboration, and connection

At Pngme, you’ll work with other rare, exceptional individuals and be placed within a team where everyone’s strengths work together

Pngme team on Zoom

Work with us

Everyone deserves the opportunity to grow into their full potential

We are committed to fostering an environment where each person knows they belong

We invest in our people and want to empower you to continually achieve, learn, and evolve


We know our growth and fulfilment come from having an undeniable passion for what we do and an unwavering commitment to our vision

excellence & Autonomy

We realize our best work comes from empowerment, not micromanagement


We believe that caring personally while challenging directly is what enables genuine communication and unrivaled work

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Find your exceptional talent

We are structured so you can maximize time spent on work aligned with your rare, exceptional talent and minimize the time spent on the work that isn’t.

Our team is excelling within a unique high-performance culture

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We help you to discover and maximize your rare exceptional talent

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We support you to create big, exciting, quarterly objectives that stretch you within your specific zone of genius

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We position you with the right team to support you in maximizing your talent, while you support your teammates in maximizing theirs

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