Boost your business with real time data

Increase the reach of your financial products by collecting holistic financial data on your users in real time.

80%financial data coverage
1B+unique data points
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Single view of your customers

Unify your customers financial and alternative data across all platforms and channels in a single holistic dashboard.

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Single view of the customer
Real-time insights
Real-time alerts

Credit risk & lending

Bring data into your lending workflow easily and quickly.

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Credit risk & lending
Customer acquisition
Revenue optimization

Fueled by data and actionable insights, we help your business grow


Increase in customer coverage with new alternative credit scoring algorithms.


Data coverage across first, second and third party sources.


Speed of integration and time to insights and credit models.

All delivered to your developers through a web dashboard and easy to integrate API

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  • identity
  • balances
  • transactions
  • loan accounts
  • geo-location
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  • late payments
  • loan defaults
  • early repayments
  • account overdrafts
  • insufficient funds
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  • credit aggregations
  • income verification
  • debt to income ratio
  • predictive models
  • real time credit score

Limited example of API products, for a complete list please refer to developer documentation.

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