Product Update

Pngme Product Update: SDK 2.0

Pngme Team

February 6, 2022

The Pngme SDK 2.0 has been simplified to ensure a quick and easy integration process.  Follow the steps below to sign up to the Pngme platform and access your SDK keys.

Our developer integration guides have been updated to include React Native and Kotlin (with Flutter coming soon). With this documentation, you have everything you need to clone source code for your app, integrate SDK, send SMS data to Pngme’s data processing pipeline and view parsed and organized data.

Read Developer Documentation

Kotlin Docs

React Native Docs

Go through the steps below or watch tutorial video HERE

1. Sign up

2. Create Pro Account

3. Enter Organization Name register an app

4. At the top navigation, click the drop down where it says “pngme demo” and switch to your organization environment

5. Once there, click your initials in the top right corner and click “settings”

6. At the top nav bar, click “Keys”

7. there you will see your API and SDK keys to begin building keys initial Figma screen

Are you a financial institution looking for data services? If you have any questions about integration you can request a consultation with our sales and data science team. They can provide hands-on expertise for any number of custom solutions you are exploring. Request Consultation

Are you a developer building an application? Sign up and explore the self-serve platform. If you have questions, we have a dedicated Slack group with community managers on hand to answer your API, SDK, Credit Report etc. questions. Join the Developer Community HERE

Read our African Financial data Insights guide

Download our sample Credit Report

Product Update
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