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Pngme Product Primer


September 17, 2021

Pngme’s technology comprises three components: our software development kit (SDK), application programming interface (API), and Customer Management Platform (CMP).  

The Data SDK integrates into a mobile application to acquire customers’ user-permissioned financial data. The data extracted can be accessed in near real-time via Pngme’s Unified Data API, which is used to call API Products such as Connected Institutions, Accounts, Balances, Transactions, Loans, Alerts, and Insights. This data feeds into the Customer Management Platform (CMP) where you can view machine learning-derived insights and make data-driven decisions.  

Pngme SDK:

Our easy-to-integrate Software Development Kit (SDK) enables developers to implement user-permissioned data collection channels into their financial mobile applications. 

  • Requires only three lines of code to get started

  • All data sources are accessed simultaneously in real-time

  • Automates the flow of data to the API for processing, labeling, and structuring 

Financial data coverage of 90%+ across Kenya, Nigeria, and Ghana:

Pngme API:

Our highly scalable and secure application programming interface (API) provides a diverse set of data points for building innovative financial products, powered by user-permissioned data. Quickly access new customer data and integrate and process any of your existing data by embedding Pngme into your data infrastructure. 

This includes data from a number of financial institutions including:

  • Banks (Bank Statements)

  • Mobile Money Operators (Mobile Money Transactions)

  • Digital Lenders (Digital Lending Transactions) etc. 

Provides financial data products: 

  • Connected Institutions

  • Accounts, Balances 

  • Transactions, Loans 

  • Alerts and Insights

Pngme CMP: Our Customer Management Platform (CMP) is a cloud-based web application that allows clients to view user Data Profiles, manage Pngme Data Products, and monitor data usage – all in a single dashboard. Processed data feeds through to the CMP in real time and allows you to view connected accounts, set alerts (i.e. for potential loan stacking behavior), view cash flow, and more. You do not need to be technical in order to navigate our platform and you can view all of your customer accounts in one place.

Use the CMP to:

  • See real-time transactions, balances, and insights

  • Set up custom alerts and messaging

  • Easily export or download data

  • Automate processes based on notifications

  • Customize and contextualize in product messaging

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Customer Management
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